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Custom karaoke tracks can make your dream performance a reality. Lately customized karaoke tracks also known as backing tracks are gaining popularity amongst performers, the reason being they are surround sound (5.1) enabled and work well at large arenas. After going through our vast library, if you are unable to find karaoke of your choice, then you can share the original MP3 or youtube link and we will provide you a standard custom karaoke track or a minus one karaoke track in which we create the karaoke from the scratch live unlike a standard custom karaoke in which the interlude is taken from the original song. The normal custom karaoke tracks are 80% similar to the orignal track, which we can personalize it further as per your needs by changing the scale/pitch, altering the tempo, bit rate, instrumentation, and more. However, if you need 100% similarity, then you must go for a minus one karaoke. The bonus is that you get all of this at the most affordable price with the fastest turnaround.


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