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Understanding that music is an unimaginable force for doing great in the world, Regional Karaoke stands out in its ability to bring people together through exceptional music. Established in 2013, we have quickly evolved as the best online karaoke website in the age offering bespoke services to customers all across the world.
In all that we do, we are always focused on creativity and advancement while delivering the most widely praised library of 10000+ karaoke in different regional languages to enchant and engage karaoke lovers.
As cutting-edge advancement refashions the world, our unparalleled duty to produce high-quality karaoke music draws in pioneers and empowers innovative opportunities to flourish in the musical world.
Regional Karaoke completed 10 years

What We Do

Redefining Karaoke

Regional Karaoke has a great team of skilled sound engineers who mold your music your way and deliver exactly what you have been looking for. We have the vastest library of karaoke songs in studio-audio quality. Choose from 10000+ karaoke in more than 40 Regional languages to revamp your karaoke sessions. Though it is quite tough to get karaoke of regional songs, but with our highly strategic & creative approach, we expand the reach of good regional music. We provide high-definition scrolling lyrics video so that your karaoke sessions are ceaseless, without the worries of not knowing the lyrics. Working in an environment built upon integrity, teamwork, honesty, passion, and fun, we care about aesthetics, details, and art. If you are not able to find the track you are looking for in our library, then you can share the original MP3 or youtube link and we will provide you a custom karaoke in standard or as a minus one karaoke track. We can personalise your karaoke track further as per your needs by changing the scale/pitch, altering the tempo, bit rate, instrumentation, and more.
Moreover, under our exclusive Audio Production services, we provide Audio Mixing & Mastering Service, Music Composition Service, Music Arrangement, Studio Quality Backing Tracks, Voice Mixing Service, Guide Vocals For Your Own Lyrics, Lyrics Writing, and Lyrics Writing With Guide Vocals, etc. to help you create your perfect melody. We provide music arrangement, vocal tuning and mixing, and if required guide vocals as well to your mesmerizing lyrics, or if you have an idea for a song, our lyricists will help you spin the right words and our musicians will help you compose it throughout, delivering the perfect musical piece.

Why Us

  • Music iconExclusive download option with lifetime accessibility
  • MixerAffordable prices & great discounts on every purchase
  • Music icon with microphoneDistinctive regional karaoke songs with lyrics and vocals
  • Price tagSpecial services like mixing & mastering, music arrangement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make high-esteem karaoke music that focuses on backing the vision of music artists. We go beyond the standard services and work differently to meet the karaoke requirements of all music lovers across the world. We aim to provide a great platform with accessibility to the unmatched collection of regional karaoke songs that are just perfect for live shows, evening parties, house-warming parties, and many more such events. We work enthusiastically to provide people all across the world with the resources and quick support they require to fulfill their potential as singers and enrich their talent.

Why We are Different

Different is good, and being different is what makes us stand out in the world.

We are a customer-friendly yet deeply committed karaoke company offering competitive advantages that have made us earn the trust of an ever-growing number of clients.
Robust Experience:
The path we have followed defines us well. We have devoted more than 10 years in fulfilling every karaoke requirement of the customers no matter big or small.
Exclusive Solutions:
We always hear & understand the needs of all our customers & offer exclusive solutions with 100% satisfaction offered.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide enthusiastic music lovers the chance to express themselves through studio-quality karaoke music. We intend to shed light on various aspects of the music industries in protected and inspired studios that permit us to meet the deadlines and offer quality products in real-time online, convey progressively distantly on the web. We execute this mission every day from our accomplished sound studios in Hyderabad & Mumbai to deliver great karaoke songs at a reasonable cost.
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Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and the best people formula is what we believe in! Our people are the bedrock of our success and the path to our bright future. Since the foundation of Regional Karaoke, its pronounceable strength has been the potential to share skills and creativity through karaoke songs with our customers.
Learning and development go connected at the hip fundamentally, as is the story at Regional Karaoke. Each undertaking, each task, consistently, is a learning for us which again is the chance to flourish in the music world. With our customers together we learn, develop new ideas, provide unique karaoke music with a blend of various instruments and turn out to be superior to what we were yesterday.
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