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For a musician, music is all about feeling every note, every beat and there is something incredible about Telugu karaoke, for a musician. It is like one can take notes from some of the greatest artists like S.P Balasubrahmaniam, Chitra, Sunitha, Janaki, Yesudas, Hariharan, M.S Subbulakshmi and several others who have crafted Telugu music as we know today. Many people credit singing Telugu karaoke songs makes a better singer. Classical singers opine that no modern music can match the soothing and calm offered by Telugu karaoke. It is more culturally refined, and everyone can appreciate it irrespective of their age, gender, generation, or ethnicity. Hence, whether you are an amateur artist looking forward to broadening your horizon or a sheer karaoke lover looking for Telugu karaoke songs with lyrics that are a must in your playlist, come and peep into the world of fine Telugu music, only at Regional Karaoke.


Shankar Dada Zindabad
Babulugaadi Debba

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Preview a Telugu Karaoke Track before purchasing?

You can preview a sample of every song in our catalog. If you want to listen to a karaoke sample, head to the specific karaoke track page where a 30-second sample is provided in the description box for your convenience. If after listening to the sample, you are still unsure or need further clarity, you can request a 1-minute sample via live chat or WhatsApp.

Can I request a Telugu song that is not currently available in your catalog?

Yes, you can request a Telugu karaoke track for a specific song or artist. Simply provide the song and artist details and reach out to our support team for more information. We're here to assist you!

Are there any copyright restrictions when using Telugu Karaoke Tracks for public performances?

It's important to understand and adhere to copyright regulations when using Karaoke Tracks for public performances. We recommend checking the copyright status of the song and obtaining any necessary permissions for public use.

Can I place bulk orders for Telugu Karaoke Tracks if I'm organizing an event or party?

Yes, you can place bulk orders for Telugu Karaoke Tracks when organizing an event or party through our website. Simply browse our catalog to select the songs you need, create a list, and contact our customer support team to discuss your bulk order. Specify the quantities, request a quote, and make the payment, and your Gujarati Karaoke Tracks will be delivered as digital downloads. We recommend planning to ensure your tracks are ready for your event, and if you have any questions, our customer support team is here to assist you.

What is the expected delivery time for accessing or receiving the Telugu Karaoke Tracks I purchase?

The typical turnaround time for creating a Telugu karaoke track can vary depending on factors such as the song's complexity and any special requests you may have. However, we strive to deliver your karaoke tracks quickly. On average, you can expect it to take 2–3 days. For a more accurate estimate, please contact our customer support team, who will provide you with a specific turnaround time for your request.

Do you offer a return or refund policy for Telugu Karaoke Tracks?

No, we do not offer a return or refund policy for Telugu Karaoke Tracks. However, we do provide a replacement for Telugu Karaoke Tracks if there is any issue or technical problem with your purchase. For further information, contact our customer support team.

Can I get Telugu Karaoke Tracks for classic as well as contemporary songs?

Absolutely! Our catalog includes a wide range of Telugu Karaoke songs, from classic hits to the latest releases, ensuring that you can find tracks for any occasion or musical preference.

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