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Regional Customized Karaoke MP3 + VIDEO Karaoke with Lyrics

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  • Product Code RK-VID-CUS-13-001
  • Product Type Video Karaoke with Lyrics

Need a karaoke you cannot find anywhere? You have reached just the right place!

Get a karaoke for any song in any language, tailor made from us in high standard performance quality.

The tracks would be sent in Mp3 and Video format as an attachment or downloadable links to your registered email address. 

You will have to send us the original MP3 track along with its full details like name of singer and movie/album, language etc to

We will make each karaoke track for you in 3 - 5 working days.

Please Note : It is requested please provide the lyrics for the tracks scripted in English.

  • The rate for a Customized Karaoke is for a standard song with normal duration (4- 6 minutes). If the length of the song is too high or the song is too complicated, we will be charging more for the track. Once you place your order and send us the original mp3, we will review the song and in case of the above mentioned circumstances, we will inform you about the revised rate for making the track. If you agree to the price mentioned we will go ahead with the order, else refund the original amount paid by you in form of a coupon which you may use for your future purchases with us.
  • These charges are for one Customized Karaoke track.
  • If there is a overlapping chorus part with Vocals or Humming present in any song where lead vocals are overlapped with chorus part of rap or alaap then as per our policy we can either remove both or keep both and play instruments there, and client may specify prior to production whether he want us to keep overlapping portion or remove that, no replacement shall be provided in case of any confusion from clients end.
  • This song will be delivered through an email as an attachment or download link.
  • The Customized track will be added to our library and will be available to our other customers after 15 days of its delivery. If you require an Exclusive Custom Track, the charges will be different.
  • Any rectification in karaoke track will be entertained only within 15 days of delivery. After which no rectification is possible.