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Mixing + Mastering(Without Stem File) - MP3

Product Details

  • Product Code RK-SS-WS-MM-MP3
  • Product Type MP3 Karaoke

We will add some equalizations, reverbs, compressors, and delays in your voice and then mix them with individual or karaoke tracks to balance the whole track. After mastering the complete track, we will listen to it and check it is perfect or not

What we will need from you:

  • Tuned vocal track in wav format.


What we will do:

  • Balance the karaoke.
  • Mix the vocals along with the music track.
  • Tweek the vocals with a wide range of Eq’s, comps and other audio plugins.
  • Master the whole track with the mastering tool so that the track sounds great.


We will deliver the following:

  • A mixed and mastered track for karaoke (Without Pitch Correction).


  • Maximum details required from your end so that professional quality track is delivered.
  • You need to send us all the necessary details via email to
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