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The journey of Regional Karaoke begun 6 years ago by a team of music connoisseurs having the zeal to introduce the best of regional karaoke and customized karaoke songs exclusively for seekers of studio-quality karaoke songs on the worldwide web.

Regional Karaoke is your one-stop destination to get the best-quality music karaoke. You can visit us for any of your karaoke requirements. Be it a Bengali karaoke track or a Gujarati karaoke track for a karaoke eve, a Bhajan karaoke for the last moment arranged religious fest or a Marathi karaoke for a perfect celebration. We also have curated the best Malayalam karaoke, Tamil karaoke, and Telugu karaoke playlists to help you sing along and impress everyone.

In addition to the varied linguistic karaoke, and we deliver video karaoke along with MP3 karaoke belonging to Golden times to the modern trends. We are among the only few providers of video karaoke tracks for regional songs in the market and we take pride to deliver it in unmatched quality. We also create Medley karaoke with customizations according to your requirements with a preferred song list. With over 5 years of experience in sufficing the karaoke needs of the clients worldwide, we offer you the easiest ways to get all your karaoke needs settled hassle-free. We, at Regional Karaoke, present a wide range of karaoke collections of thousands of regional songs to help you sing your heart out. Just name out a track, Sinhala, Punjabi, or of any other language, we will just be ready with our musicians and support team to curate the best for you.

Karaoke are the backing tracks that provide you a rhythm and music to tune on. At regional karaoke, we help you to sing the songs explicitly made in your very own language and aid you to express your thoughts through your songs.

We are people who love music eternally rather than being just a business. With an amazing team of people offering you the best customer support, working on express deliveries for your tracks and a lot more. We believe in supplying the best of tracks, just the way they are our very own. All our tracks are customized and made in the highest quality at our numerous studios to offer you the best services.

Check out the list of already curated karaoke tracks on our website, or if you don’t find your song, just let us know, we will be happy to customize it for you at just one tap.

What makes us different:

  • Regular Track Uploads
  • Professional Quality Tracks
  • Great Discount on Quantity Buys
  • On Demand Songs Availability
  • Available in Various Format (mp3, wmv, wav, MIDI)
  • Online Chat Support Facility