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5 Customized Karaoke MP3 (Get 2 FREE)

Product Details

  • Product Code RK-5-CUST-MP3

Order for 5 songs in one go and get 2 extra customized karaoke track MP3 absolutely free from our end.

You do not have to give all the tracks at once. You can buy this product and can send us tracks within the next 30 days. The delivery of the tracks will be within 5-7 working days each.

You need to send us the original song along with the necessary details of the songs pertaining to their movie/album name, singer(s) and year of release to

The tracks will be sent in Mp3 format as attachments or downloadable links to your registered email address. We can also send the tracks in wav format. If you require that, do let us know via email and we shall do the needful.



  • The rate for a Regional Customized Karaoke is for a standard song with normal duration (4- 6 minutes). If the length of the song is too high or the song is too complicated, we will be charging more for the track. Once you place your order and send us the original mp3, we will review the song and in case of the above mentioned circumstances, we will inform you about the revised rate for making the track.
  • Songs in any language will be acceptable.
  • The Customized Karaoke will be added to our library and will be available to our other customers after 15 days of its delivery. If you require an Exclusive Custom Karaoke, the charges will be different.
  • We do not deliver any kind of CD or DVD.
  • If we do not receive all the tracks within 30 days, your order will collapse and no compensation shall be made.
  • We will put the tracks under processing only when we receive the full details from you and/or the original song, whichever is later.